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    We are a group of flight enthusiasts who enjoy playing with our toys!

We fly rc sailplanes – gliders and electric planes. We have lots of fun nearly anywhere we go, some times indoors and outdoors. The planes that we use are either purchased as kits where we make them ourselves or pre-made, also known as ARF(Almost Ready to Fly) these kits are usually the plane and a few pieces of the electronics. And an RTF(Ready To Fly) which has all of the things that you will need to get and most of these take just putting a few parts together and you can fly. You can get these planes and kits from your local RC shops or from an on-line stores, and can be flying in a matter of hours! Now that being said, we suggest that you get a mentor or join a group like us so that you can get a better Idea of what is going on.

Scared of crashing? Don’t worry about crashing to much, most trainer planes are durable and built to take some crashes. Also when you are flying with some one who is more experienced you can ask them to take over if you think there is a problem or if they see a problem. It is always a good idea to fly with a more experienced pilot for your beginning period till you are more comfortable with take off and landing. Also if you have a good pilot with you or access to some one who can recommend a good starter plane for you it is a good idea to take their advice. Starting out flying a fast plane is not a good Idea as things happen quicker than you may be able to handle and then you have a dinged up plane in need of repair. Feel free to ask any one of us or you can check out some articles that will have suggestions for planes soon!




Here are some general questions that we get.

Q: where are the engines on those planes?

A: We do not fly any gas or nitro powered planes, and for most cases we might not even have any kind of power other than for control surfaces.

Q: How much do those cost?

A: This is a little bit more of a tough question but here we go.

There are some planes that are very inexpensive and are great for new fliers as they are a little easier to fix and are a little more available parts for a cheaper price on those pieces. So to answer your questions they can start at about $50 for a plane and then up to about $1000 for some full kits. Honestly we recommend getting a good radio transmitter that allows you to use multiple planes, your average radio is about $150 to $250 that would be a good starting spot so that you can have one controller that you are used to and also so that you don’t have to take 4 controllers around with 4 planes. That being said there are many kits that are sold that have a radio and all that is needed to get that particular plane in the air.

Q: How do I join?

A: We are always trying to make it easier for people to join and so our membership dues are $20 a year!!!

Q: Where does the club meet?

A: We fly at Jacobson park and also at a cliff in Frankfort and in Cold Stream Park. We have our meetings at the Museum at the Lexington Airport every second Tuesday of the month.