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Saturday September 10th 2016

Today we had a blast at Coldstream Park in Lexington Ky. All Pilots are in one piece and so are the planes! The wind was really difficult and made a lot of fun flights pop offs and landings. Here are some of the photos from today and the score card from the day..

2016 Mid Ams Day 1 scores

Link to Bluegrass Soaring Society Mid-AMs day 1 photos.  Day 2 will be added to the same album soon!!

Day 2 September 11th 2016 –  Today was a gorgeous day for flying! The weather was perfect wind was minimal except for a sudden wind gust that came up during the next to last flight.   We had what seemed to be a Mega Dust devil hit and take a couple tops off the easy ups and sent some small items flying, luckily all planes on the ground did not seem to be affected by the winds.

All planes and pilots ended the weekend in one piece and it looks like every one had a great time!  We want to thank all that were involved in the competition this year and all that attended to fly! Can’t wait to see what the next BSS Mid – Ams has in store!

Here is the Day 2 scores


And here are the grand totals!


Please feel free to check out the gallery of images from the weekend, if you have images to add we can do so.

These images are available for download as well in the gallery!

BSS Mid Ams 2016 Gallery

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